Beck Ranch Park…

“Always drink upstream from the herd.”


Indeed a wise quote from an unknown author.  Seemed like an appropriate start to pair with this post. Visited Beck Ranch Park, in Osteen, FL.  If you’ve never heard of it, neither had I until today.  Driven by the entrance a bunch while on the way to the beach (in the last post), but never stopped in.  Turns out, it’s a 25-acre park with a dog park (small and large dog areas), picnic tables, playground, volleyball courts, and restrooms.  Love finding these little surprise places.

Beck Ranch was a working family cattle ranch, well into the 20th century.  It had animals that were descendants from the early Spanish influences that Florida is known for. The Beck family lived in Sanford, Florida, as well as owning the cattle ranch.  According to the posted information signs around the park, the Beck Ranch had “cattle ranging over vast areas, cowboys and their Cracker horses, and African-American ranch hands.”


Upon driving up through the park’s main and only street, you’ll pass a small silo that was used to store corn during the ranch’s operational days, as well as the old slaughter house, cattle weigh scales, and the present day dog park.  It was a tad juxtaposed to be reading about and seeing remnants of the slaughter house, as the present day playground was within close visual proximity.  But history is what it is…or was…and this little find made for a chance to learn something new.  It did also make for some great photography.



Slaughter house remains (above)…

…cattle weigh scale building (below).



I’ll definitely be back with my dog, Anubis, to visit the park.  I have a feeling he’ll enjoy exploring and checking his “pee-mail.”  Oh, and the dog park area seemed quite clean and manicured.  The fence was a 4-foot fence in height, in both the small and large dog area’s. FYI if you have a jumper, it might be a bit low if…SQUIRREL!  But the area was shaded, which is nice for our hot days.


Learned something new, went on a little adventure. Sometimes we don’t have to go very far from home base to recharge and gain perspective.  If you want to visit Beck Ranch Park, the entrance is free, is open from sunrise to sunset, and the address is:

751 S. State Road 415, Osteen, FL (3.9 miles south of Howland Boulevard)



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