Bethune Beach…

…stop at nothing. Have faith. Trust that your new life is already here and is far better than the old. Whatever happens, stay the course, because there’s nothing cooler than watching your entire reality shift into one that is the perfect expression of you.”

While sitting on my towel at Bethune Beach in New Smyrma Beach, I came across the previous quote while reading the book, You are a Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero. Up pops a little Ghost Crab from the sand, just to my left, and of course my mind begins to read into the coincidence. “Why did this crab choose to visit now?! Is this part of my new life?!” There is no coincidence though, just a crab living its crabby life in his crabby sand hole.  So I digress.

BB 4

I did however continue reading the book while graced with this view…

BB 1

…meh…it’s okay.  The sarcasm is strong with this one *Jedi mind trick hand gesture*.

Mary McLeod Bethune Beach was named for a noted educator and civil rights leader. It is located approximately an hour and ten minutes East from Orlando (address listed below). The development of this beach in the 1940s offered coastal access to African-Americans when most Florida beaches were closed to them by segregation.  Soon after, this spot became a spot for regular beach goers.

I’ve visited this beach several times, and did not know that bit of history until writing this post and intentionally looking up the information.   Interesting the things we might take for granted and look past as we float through life.  Pun intended.  Which leads to the original quote of there being nothing cooler than watching life’s reality become an expression of you. Like a healthy majority of people, the beach heals us for some mysterious reason.  Often we don’t question or think about why.  Okay, maybe some people know why.  But regardless, many enjoy it. Which is awesome.

But what happens when we pause and scratch the surface a little?! On this very brief beach trip, I learned a little about this Florida beach that I knew nothing about, met some crab friends (by the end of the trip it was like playing whack-a-molecrab), and I discovered this little gem across the street.  All things that will in a small way become an expression of my being.

BB 5

Some technical specs…apparently across the street, on the Intercostal Waterway, is Bethune Beach Park which is home to manatees for parts of the year (likely winter when the ocean water is cooler and they come inland to warm up).  There’s also a small playground and a beautiful boardwalk. Small, but beautiful. The cost is free and there’s even a little kayak/canoe boat ramp on one side.

BB 3

The short trip came to an end as storms were starting to roll in. Unlike our usual Florida storms, these were likely to last longer than the usual 10 minutes.  I leave this beach, hoping to be back soon….a little nature, a little history, and a little break from the daily routine.

Bethune Beach is located at

6656 S Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169

(386) 423-3300


Link to You are a Badass book


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