Welcome to inspirations…

fullsizeoutput_c76The journey to self discovery starts with the first step.  Most times one’s path is undefined and yet the drive still exists to search for our purpose.  Nestled in connecting with others, finding one’s niche in the community, and curiosity for the unknown, can all be driving factors that keep us going. We may know more or less where we’re going, but not have a clue how to get there…on an existential level that is.  This blog is a collection of “clueing for looks,” to quote John Watson. It can hopefully be a source of discovering obscure and hidden places that might contribute to living fully while having fun.

I start with my own backyard (not literally) in Central Florida.  All photos will be my own and taken with my Sony alpha-6000 camera. From it I hope to create a collection of the places I visit, with information on how to visit if you wish. Think of this as a travel blog with the purpose being a reference for finding inspiration outside of the box.

So now sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, and get ready to be inspired!





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